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Rum Runners Cove

Created: 02/07/15 by WolfEyes59
Lot Size: 40×30
Custom Content: none
Game Packs Needed: Outdoor Retreat, TS4 Digital Deluxe Upgrade
Furnished, Decorated, Landscaped
Value: §92,997
Available in Gallery.
File Size: 203KB

Rum Runners Cove, an open air nightclub, is right at home on the beach, in the desert, or pretty much anywhere you want it. The ground floor features wood hewn loveseats and chairs that contribute to the Caribbean flair. The dance floor is flanked on two sides with bar style seating and a built in juke box. The second floor is adorned with tropical floral lights hanging from branches of driftwood and a scattering of umbrella shaded tables. Beneath the straw thatched tiki hut are four picnic tables convenient to the two barbeque pits. Along the rear of the second floor is a lush tropical garden.

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